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migrate to php 7

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Pandora FMS Migration: from PHP5 to PHP7

Let’s migrate to php 7: Pandora FMS new way to improve “Life is cyclical, but ascending.” This phrase can be used for a number of situations. We will explain one of those wonderful events that occured in the world of technology: migration. Yes, “life …

Network blind spots featured

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Network Blind Spots: Total Visibility or Not

Network blind spots: visibility, monitoring and security issues Network blind spots study is framed within a field controlled by three well interconnected elements: monitoring, security and visibility. Here are the two main principles that rule over this universe and are relevant to the topic …

Happy Holidays Pandora FMS 2018 featured

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Happy Holidays from Pandora FMS!

Pandora FMS team wishes you… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Christmas is here! Have you decorated your Christmas tree yet? Have you made gingerbread cookies? The people behind Pandora FMS love Christmas! Merry Christmas Pandora FMS 2018! The truth is that we are …

SDN Software Defined Networking cover

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How SDN change our vision on networks?

SDN: Challenges for Network Administrator’s and Monitoring Last December, Acumen Research and Consulting, a global provider of market research, published a report titled “Software Defined Network (SDN) Market” where they estimated a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 47% for SDN in the period …

zabbix alternative featured

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Zabbix alternative: why you should choose Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS as a Zabbix alternative: One of the challenges companies face when they grow to a certain size is maintaining oversight of their IT infrastructure. As a company network grows, it begins incorporating new apps, new operating systems, Cloud-computing, remote servers and so …

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Pandora FMS 6.0 SP1 is out!

The first Service Pack of Pandora FMS 6.0 version is finally out. Here are the most significant changes, improvements and new features: New features New features in the API and CLI: create synthetic modules, manage planned downtimes, and manage Network, Data Server and Plugin modules …

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Pandora FMS moves to GitHub!

After almost ten years working with conventional repository codes, first CVS and after Subversion, we have realized of the advantages and improvements of working with a system as advanced as GIT. We have been working inrelocating all the Pandora FMS code in this platform …

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False Positives in Monitoring

False positives (as well as false negatives) are a recurrent issue in our experience in monitoring, and after a while we are pretty sure that it’s worth talking about them. The best way to approach a problem is using an example: Suppose we use …

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Graphs in Pandora FMS

Nowadays, the best way to resolve a technical problem in our systems or devices is to solve this problems even before it happens. Here is where a proper prevention system is required. The prevention of problems in each electronic component nowadays is based upon …

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How to monitor Apache Hbase

In this brave new world of big data, a database technology called “Bigtable”, for example Apache Hbase, would seem to be worth considering — particularly if that technology is the creation of engineers at Google, a company that should know a thing or two …

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How to monitor Raven DB

A new plug in has just been created. Now Pandora FMS can monitor Raven DB’s performance settings. Raven DB is a NoSQL database. What is NoSQL? A NoSQL or Not Only SQL database provides a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data that is modeled in means other …

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Improved Visual Console

In the huge technological world monitoring your systems has gone a long way. No longer we should wounder about how to sleep calmely not knowing if our servers, and network devices are working properly. This is where the capability to make a proper report, …

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