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How SDN change our vision on networks?

SDN: Challenges for Network Administrator’s and Monitoring Last December, Acumen Research and Consulting, a global provider of market research, published a report titled “Software Defined Network (SDN) Market” where they estimated a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 47% for SDN in the period …

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Pandora FMS 6.0 SP2 is here!

After months of hard work and effort, we’re very proud to announce that Pandora FMS 6.0 SP2 is now available. In this post we’ll detail the changelog to further inform on the improvements this version has. Apart from fixes we’ve actually added some new features. We …

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Pandora FMS 6.0 is finally here!

After several months of testing, analysis and effort, it has finally arrived the day when we present to the world the last stable version of Pandora FMS, the 6.0. With a completely renewed interface, full of improvements and new features, the 6.0 version will make a great step forward …

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Twitter mentions monitoring

We’ve developed a plugin and it’s available in our resource library: http://pandorafms.org/index.php?sec=community&sec2=repository&lng=es&action=view_PUI&id_PUI=249 It’s a script that counts the number of mentions of a string into the last X seconds on Twitter.

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