Agent for Windows Phone 7

February 26, 2013 — by steve0

The architecture of Pandora FMS allows to create a light software pieces called “Agents” to gather and send information of the host to the server.

The latest agent created is for Windows Phone 7. Thanks to Patricio Martínez, member of Frameworks (Ecuador), one of our certified partners. Great Work!.

With a simple configuration, the agent will report the data to the choosed server:

This agent retrieve the following data from a Windows Phone 7 device:

  • GPS coordinates
  • OS Version
  • Current Application Memory Usage
  • Peak Memory Usage
  • Memory Usage Limit per Application
  • Device Manufacturer
  • Device Name
  • Device Firmware Version
  • Device Hardware Version
  • Device Total Memory
  • Is Keyboard Present in Device
  • Power Source
  • Unique Id of the device
  • Operating System Platform
  • Operating System Version

Most of this data will be reported in modules, other data as the OS Version and the GPS coordinates will be stored in the Agent configuration.

The GPS coordinates are really useful to track the device in a Pandora FMS console’s map.


You can download this Agent and a complete documentation from our Modules library.


Pandroid: Android agent first version

February 7, 2011 — by steve2

This is a screenshot of the Android agent, reporting GPS information, and resolving using the new feature for Reverse geocoding:

This agent reports information like GPS coordinates (translated in human description by Google Maps api for reverse geocoding), orientation (degrees 0-360), battery level and presence sensor (useful to know if the phone is in a pocket or being used, for example).

Pandroid is already present in Android Marketplace: