Reduce Oracle database costs using Pandora FMS

February 26, 2016 — by Sancho Lerena0


For those of you who found out and for those who didn’t as well, the software company Oracle has decided to modify their licensing policies (for more information on this ordeal click here or visit Oracle’s official page). From now on, an extra fee will be applied according to the resources assigned to Oracle databases which are virtualized on VMWare environments. Therefore, under this new Oracle policy, the company wants to charge clients according to their resource consumption. In this article our intention is to give you the necessary tools to monitor your assigned resources so that you can adjust them and don’t get an overpriced bill on your next licensing payment.

New Oracle Database Costs

After its last Oracle licensing change, Oracle will charge clients according to resources consumption. Don’t you think it’s time to know how much our Oracle is consuming and set alarms according to your preferred thresholds to know our consumption in real time?

With Pandora FMS we can provide ourselves with real-time information on our VMWare environments and the real resource consumption dedicated to Oracle. This way, we can adjust our virtual environments to the resources that we really need, avoiding a price raise on our Oracle licensing.

This monitoring plugin is available both in Open and Enterprise versions. Obviously, the Enterprise edition offers other features, such as the quantity and type of values that can be monitored.

In the video embedded below, we can see a brief explanation on how the plugin works and how to configure it.

This plugin has only been tested on CentOS and Ubuntu systems, therefore we cannot guarantee it’s functionality on other systems. If anyone can manage to make it run on another system in a stable manner, please let us know and we’d be glad to share your knowledge with the rest of the Pandora FMS community.

Link for the plugin.

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Pandora FMS 6.0 is finally here!

October 19, 2015 — by Carla Andres3


After several months of testing, analysis and effort, it has finally arrived the day when we present to the world the last stable version of Pandora FMS, the 6.0. With a completely renewed interface, full of improvements and new features, the 6.0 version will make a great step forward in terms of system monitoring.

Here we show a list of the most significant changes that you will find in this last version, available from today in the Download section of the Pandora FMS web.