First screenshot of a Embedded agent

January 22, 2011 — by steve2

This is how it looks with three small ARM devices sending information to Pandora using the new agent. A new OS type is now included in the 4.0 development version of the console, and the server detects it. This is how it looks on the agent:

[[email protected] /]# uname -a
Linux FriendlyARM #1 Tue Sep 21 18:09:15 HKT 2010 armv4tl unknown
[[email protected] /]# /etc/init.d/pandora_agent_daemon status
Pandora FMS Agent is running with PID 1212.

[[email protected] /]#  pandora_agent
Pandora FMS Embedded Agent v4.0dev.0 (c) 2011
Cannot load configuration file. Exitting


New agent for embedded linux devices (ARM…)

January 22, 2011 — by steve0

I’m insane and I’ve coded a new Pandora FMS agent in C just to run on small devices. It’s working very fast and light, and only gets 1,5KB :-) perfect for run on embedded devices. It uses the C version of tentacle client, and works like a charm!:

Screenshot of the FriendlyARM Device used to develop the agent, showing the output of the tentacle client.