Pandora FMS 2.1: SNMP Traps

October 21, 2008 — by Sancho Lerena1

Whether we liked it or not, one of the most things we didn’t pay attention to was the SNMP Trap Console in PandoraFMS WebConsole (what a mix up!). We have worked really hard to improve and add some new features to this one. Though it’s not finished yet, these are one of the most importants breakthroughs I’m going to talk about in here.

What did the SNMP Console do?

So far and before this improvements the console was able to recieve traps (from v1), and show the OID of the trap. It was possible to assign alerts as well depending on the Agent (IP) or the OID shown in the Trap Console.

Truth be told, it was ok, but it wasn’t that good.

What does the SNMP Console do?

With the new 2.1 PandoraFMS version it will be possible to play a wee bit more with Traps, Agents and alerts, let me explain what we’ve achieved.

First of all, let me say that all the new SNMP stuff will be only available in our Enterprise Version.

Said that, let’s go to know the new features a little bit deeper.

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