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Conclusions that can be drawn from the British Airways crisis: the need for a monitoring system

June 1, 2017

Conclusions that can be drawn from the British Airways crisis: the need for a monitoring system

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Another PR disaster for a company whose initials begin with ‘B’. After BP’s monumental “Deepwater Horizon” catastrophe, and Tony Hayward’s subsequent PR nightmare, BA boss Álex Cruz can apparently think of nothing better to do than follow in Tony and BP’s footsteps.

Of course, Álex probably has reason to maintain silence and the BA official line is that as simple a thing as a power surge was to blame for grounding 75,000 customers at Heathrow and Gatwick over the May Bank Holiday Weekend.

It’s difficult not to immediately think of a cyberattack, whether via ransomware or something more malicious, in these days when WannaCry is still affecting IT systems around the world. BA denies this strenuously, but then they would.

The fact is that, as a cost saving measure BA has outsourced many secondary IT functions (non-critical according to BA). This raises the question of who is responsible for these services, and what are the quality control measures these third-party suppliers have in place? What regulation do they have to observe?

The solution to more outsourcing and externalization and downsizing is more vigilance and oversight. Monitoring consists in verifying that backup systems are working at all times, and that operations staff are meeting Service Level Agreements.

Sancho Lerena, Ártica ST CEO, manufacturer of Pandora FMS, explains how to avoid network problems which impact on your customers and your company’s brand by using a monitoring system. From Cinco Dias 01 June, 2017.

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