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PRTG Network Monitor vs. Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS as a good PRTG alternative and why Introduction to PRTG Network Monitor Previously in this blog we have published comparative articles about monitoring software such as Nagios or Zabbix, as well as about backup supervision and its definition, planning and implementation with …

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Pandora FMS: a new vision of monitoring

There are so many diverse and distinct IT infrastructures, different business needs, and various levels of monitoring oversight requirements, that today not every monitoring system can meet the demand. From the beginnings of monitoring practices until now there has been a certain stability in …

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Application monitoring: how and why

In the monitoring sector there are several key aspects that IT administrators need to keep an eye on, namely: communications, servers and applications. All three are essential for a company’s services to function and a critical problem in any of them can be damaging. …

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Nagios Alternatives: 6 of the best

It’s been some time since we’ve been wondering, why is Nagios deserving of the self-proclaimed title of being the “Industry standard” when it comes to monitoring. We’ve reiterated this question to ourselves more ever since they seem to be kind of limping around the …

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Zenoss vs Nagios vs Pandora FMS

In this article we’re going to establish a comparison that we hope can aid our readers in making the correct decision. Nowadays, the most common comparison is between Nagios and Zabbix (which we recommend you read before diving deeper into this article), due to …

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How to monitor Varnish Cache

Varnish is a web application accelerator. It is a reverse proxy that acts like a HTTP cache. Since it allows speeding up the service through content caching, it’s a very useful app for web apps or services with a high traffic volume. The typical …

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Pandora FMS Server and CPAN in Ubuntu

Yesterday, I upated the trunk SVN repository and tried to install in my Ubuntu Jaunty the Pandora FMS Server using the pandora_server_installer script. I used the apt-get command and, unfortunally, wmi-client is not in the repositories anymore. We can solve is getting the tar.gz …

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Server development sneak peek

Hello everyone, Although Pandora FMS is doing well in fairly large setups, with 10000+ modules, we are facing bigger challenges. An optimization of the server core, which has been pretty much untouched since the early days of Pandora, was necessary. After rewriting some of …

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