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Pandora FMS experience in Slovakia

Who are these guys wearing the awesome Pandora FMS t-shirts?? They are Miro, Simon and Roman, 3 nice guys that belong to a student organization of the University of Zilina in Slovakia. Their main goal is to develop data network and provide Internet for students. …

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Join our team!

Our company Ártica ST, the one who develops Pandora FMS and other pretty interesting softwares, is looking for Developers and Sysadmins to join our team and start working in improving Pandora FMS, if possible :P. We describe below the details of the job offers …

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Spanish team joins Japanese team in Tokyo !

This is an historic moment. Japan Developers, Koichiro Kikuchi and Hirofumi Kosaka, leaded by Junichi Satoh, receive a visit in R-Works of Sancho Lerena and Darío Rodriguez. We have discuss for three days about the future of Pandora FMS, new features, new ideas, new …

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First Pandora FMS commercial :-)

It’s a please for me announce our first audiovisual commercial for Pandora FMS :) Has been produced by the Artica Team, see credits below. Main actress: Elena Vallejo Luengo. Main actor: Gorka Unzueta. Director: Sergio Martin Zarzuelo – [email protected] Photography: Daniel Calle Haut Script: …

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New ACL system (Enterprise)

Several users reported that they want a more “flexible” ACL system, based not on groups of “things they can do”, based on every page a profile could see (and operate), item by item, page by page. Current ACL model is based on “unix style” …

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SAP Plugin is certified

This normally would not be a post for this blog, but it’s our first “BIG” plugin, and now it’ s officially backup by SAP (after a formal audit). I hope in the future more powerful plugins will be made by other companies and independent …

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