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Meet the hottest databases of 2017!

Best databases of the year 2017 The database ecosystem, like any ecosystem, is subject to the iron rule of digital Darwinism, which posits continuous evolution and adaptation to the IT environment. Last time we looked at the best databases of 2016, and, although 12 …

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Zabbix alternative: why you should choose Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS as a Zabbix alternative: One of the challenges companies face when they grow to a certain size is maintaining oversight of their IT infrastructure. As a company network grows, it begins incorporating new apps, new operating systems, Cloud-computing, remote servers and so …

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Notifications Telegram: Pandora FMS

Notifications via Telegram: Pandora FMS’ integration What could be faster than an instant message, from one of the most popular messaging services of the moment? The service is Telegram, and the present article is about its incorporation into the alert system of Pandora FMS. …

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How to monitor PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a very powerful and stable database management system (SGBD) that allows managing a very large amount of data. In its more than 16 years of active development by a selfless, altruistic and free community of developers, PostgreSQL has become a well-known SGBD …

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