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website usability

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11 tips for improving website usability

Website usability. Find out 11 simple tips on how to improve it Okay, so you have a website and you want to make it work. You business might even depend on it. However, when your visitors go to your website, they just browse through …


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Monitoring honeypots

Honeypots, find out what they are, monitor them and hunt the hunter Nowadays, most computer attacks come from individuals who try taking control of different systems or damage them. They are able to perform these attacks by finding vulnerabilities in the devices, so, to …

best databases

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Meet the hottest databases!

Best databases of the year 2017 The database ecosystem, like any ecosystem, is subject to the iron rule of digital Darwinism, which posits continuous evolution and adaptation to the IT environment. Last time we looked at the best databases of 2016, and, although 12 …