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LPWAN as a communication base for IoT

What is LPWAN? An introduction to the IoT communications protocol LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network), also known as LPWA or LPN, is a wireless data transport protocol that is now understood as one of the basic protocols for the implementation of IoT. In …

SDN Software Defined Networking cover

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How SDN change our vision on networks?

SDN: Challenges for Network Administrator’s and Monitoring Last December, Acumen Research and Consulting, a global provider of market research, published a report titled “Software Defined Network (SDN) Market” where they estimated a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 47% for SDN in the period …

IT asset management

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IT Asset Management: Challenges for an implementation

IT Asset Management: Concept, benefits and implementation challenges Most of the companies that develop monitoring systems include within their proposals products associated with IT Asset Management (ITAM) processes. This is sensible if we consider that the processes of collection, maintenance and presentation of the …


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Observability and Monitoring, same thing?

Observability: a systems’ attribute and its possible influence in Monitoring We have been listening to the term Observability for a while now, always associated with Monitoring and even though the term changes meaning depending on the article we are reading or the conference we …

log monitoring

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Log Monitoring: not the ugly sister

Log Monitoring: What should we do before we start? Nowadays the most successful monitoring tools have among their options the possibility of monitoring logs. In addition we can find in the market many log management and analytics tools. On the other hand log analysis …


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DevOps Architecture: Challenges in Monitoring

 DevOps: What different roles and challenges should Monitoring face? DevOps is a software development methodology that owes its name to the acronym: Dev from development and Ops from operations. That is why DevOps has perhaps unified and simplified two traditionally bad integrated work groups: …