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chief digital officer

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What is a chief digital officer?

Chief digital officer: the profile the companies are looking for Do you know what a chief digital officer is? It’s not a job we invented! Although in many companies it does not yet exist, the chief digital officer, also known as CDO, can become …

spectrum computer


Sinclair ZX Spectrum; an 8-bit legend

Spectrum computer; Let’s go back and see what it’s all about Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer, also known simply as ‘Spectrum’, has been part of the childhood and adolescence of millions of people, influencing an entire generation. At a time when computing was a new …

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Donald Knuth: learning from the best

Donald Knuth; The Best Programmer Ever, right? He defines himself as “a geek”, he was one of the main people responsible for laying the foundations of modern compilers and is considered the “father” of algorithm analysis. Some of you may know him, or at …


Levels of systems maintenance

Systems maintenance; learn here all about its 3 levels Do you work in systems maintenance? If so, you will probably have a lot of work. Information technology is becoming increasingly important, both for individuals and businesses. This might come as no surprise, of course; …

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6 common computer maintenance problems

Computer maintenance; 6 common problems to deal with Okay, so you have a computer – or more than one! – And every now and then you have a little problem. A broken screen, CPU pain, migraines in RAM or even a virus! Multiple ailments …

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Are you a technology geek? Let’s find out…

What kind of technology geek are you? Find out for yourself! From the beginning of time, beyond the Game Boy Color and the pager, the walkman and Polaroid, even before superstition and swords ruled everything, there were people who were already called “Technology Geeks” …

computer stress

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How to fight computer stress

Computer stress; some ideas to fight it and learn more about it Computer stress exists. Seriously! It can cause real problems, which can be more or less serious. The most obvious is a decrease in the productivity of those affected; they, immersed in frustration …

Ironman and monitoring

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How does Iron Man monitor his suits?

Ironman and monitoring, two great words that work together With over $2 billion in box office sales globally, The Avengers: Infinity War is everywhere at this time. And if you don’t know it from this one or from the rest of the stream of …

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What is G Data Internet security?

G data internet security : the latest solution against viruses 1. Growing Web Threats To understand what G Data Internet security is, we must take into account the number of threats that exist on the Internet, this has become a dangerous and growing problem. …

computing facts

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18 interesting computing facts

18 computing facts that you will not forget. Keep reading! The world of computers is full of stories and facts. It couldn’t be any other way, since the environment is so dynamic and today it attracts the attention of the entire planet (well, except …

what is luddism

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Do you hate machines?

What is Luddism? Learn all about its history and popular luddites The popularity of the term “Luddism” is a good indicator of how technology influences society. The word Luddism has been used for centuries, and has always reached its peak in times when technological …

iot and 5g

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Catch up, meet IOT and 5G

IOT and 5G, learn all about the new priorities of technology I’m pretty sure that every morning, before leaving home, when you look at the bright oval of your mirror in the bathroom, you look at your freshly watered-down face and say, “Wow, how …


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Supercomputers: Several reasons to love them

Supercomputers: What are they for? What is the Top500? Supercomputers are not well known to the general public, but they influence our lives more than you might think. These are supercomputers, these huge gadgets, which occupy large, quiet and disturbing rooms. These things are …