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Nagios Alternatives: 6 of the best

  It’s been some time since we’ve been wondering, why is Nagios deserving of the self-proclaimed title of being the “Industry standard” when it comes to monitoring. We’ve reiterated this question to ourselves more ever since they seem to be kind of limping around …

Free server monitoring tools

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Our list of free server monitoring tools

11 Free Server Monitoring Tools April 7, 1969. This date marks the beginning of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Request for Comments (RFC), which in its RFC 1 defined the Interface Message Processor (IMP) and laid the foundation for the computer world as …

PRTG alternative

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PRTG Network Monitor vs. Pandora FMS

Introduction to PRTG Network Monitor Previously in this blog we have published comparative articles about monitoring software such as Nagios or Zabbix, as well as about backup supervision and its definition, planning and implementation with software like Bacula and Veritas (monitored with Pandora FMS, …

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PANDORA FMS review by RedesZone

Back in February of this year we reached out to Ruben Velasco, editor at RedesZone, one of the most important Spanish-language sites dealing with networks, to give him a tour of Pandora FMS, our flagship product. For a while we’d been reading their interesting …

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Pandora FMS experience in Slovakia

Who are these guys wearing the awesome Pandora FMS t-shirts?? They are Miro, Simon and Roman, 3 nice guys that belong to a student organization of the University of Zilina in Slovakia. Their main goal is to develop data network and provide Internet for students. …

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Join our team!

Our company Ártica ST, the one who develops Pandora FMS and other pretty interesting softwares, is looking for Developers and Sysadmins to join our team and start working in improving Pandora FMS, if possible :P. We describe below the details of the job offers …

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DRBD Monitoring

DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device) is a system for the distributed replicated storage for the Linux platform. It allows to have a remote mirror in real time (equivalent to RAID-1 in network). DRBD refers both the software (kernel module and management tools), and some …

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