New Pandora FMS 5.1 SP3 now available!

After almost 4 months since the last minor update of Pandora FMS, we started working to solve the new problems detected by our customers in complex environments. We have added small features and fixed some bugs that avoid us to have an optimal user experience and to make the most of the tool. Among all […]

New ACL Strict Mode feature

In Pandora FMS 6.0 version, that will be released to the market in the coming months, we’ve added new mode to manage users more efficiently named ACL Strict. Before developing this functionality, the ACL wasn’t working in a strict way, because, for example in the Tree View, the amount of elements shown in the total […]

Pandora FMS Quickguides

New plugin for ODBC queries in Windows

This is a VBScript Local Plugin that creates modules setting several parameters. Pandora_odbc reads a configuration file, which defines Module Name, System DSN Name, User, Password, Database, Module Type and a SQL Query in CSV Format. You must set the SQL Query between double quotes, like shown in the following example: dbcheck_data,UNO,sa,pandora,PRUEBA,generic_data,”SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dbo.ejemplo […]

HTML alerts with graphs

In Pandora FMS, when an alert it’s been fired several actions can be defined by default, such as sending an SMS or sending an email to the user with information about what is happening. Since Pandora FMS 5.1 SP2 version, alert mails can have HTML format, which allow the user to freely customize them. Up […]

Define agent name using an external command

Today we want to introduce you a new feature of Pandora FMS available in the 5.1 SP2 version, that allows to define the agent name using an external command. When the pandora_agent sends the data, the agent name is also sent. Now you can configure the agent name in the agent configuration file (pandora_agent.conf) like shown […]

Pandora FMS experience in Slovakia

Who are these guys wearing the awesome Pandora FMS t-shirts?? They are Miro, Simon and Roman, 3 nice guys that belong to a student organization of the University of Zilina in Slovakia. Their main goal is to develop data network and provide Internet for students. They are IT enthusiasts who are willing to administrate quite big network […]

Pandora FMS 5.1 SP2 released!

After a couple of months since the last update of Pandora FMS, we have been working so hard to introduce you the new Service Pack 2 of the 5.1 version of Pandora FMS, with some new features and many bugs fixed. — FEATURES — – New plugin for ODBC queries in Windows. – Added the […]

New dates to become an expert of Pandora FMS

Do you want to get the best performance of your Pandora FMS? It’s easy. Pandora FMS is a very intuitive and user friendly tool, but also it has so many features that make the path a little bit difficult for someone that hasn’t previous experience using this software. We have added new dates for PAT […]

Added Clippy assistant in menus or views

We aim to improve the usability and the user experience when using the Pandora FMS console. For that, we’ve added several help messages that recommend users to fix particular values for optimizing the processes performing, and also to warn the users about the possible failures that could happen if they don’t accomplished with the conditions […]